10-14 June 2024



About workshop

Almost every business or industry faces different challenges which could be solved using mathematical methods, analytical and creative thinking. Decisions that companies make everyday, e.g. how to optimize its activities, how to grow forward, get bigger profit and face less risks, etc. should be based on mathematical calculations and they have the substantial added value for creating new economic opportunities for companies.

Workshop of mathematical solutions in business and industry (ESGI 182) – the first event in Lithuania and the Baltic States during which a team of researchers dedicates one week to solve real-world industry problems using mathematical methods and discussing in teams.



Does your business have a real-world problem which could be tackled with the help of scientists?

Or maybe you want to empower mathematical modelling to check original and untested ideas in your business?

We welcome companies from all areas of industry and business to propose the problems.

Are you a mathematician or a computer scientist who would like to take part in an event that solves real-world business problems?

Would you like to work with a competitive team of scientists, gain new experience, knowledge or ideas?

We invite all academic staff from PhD students to professors working within areas of applications of mathematics.


Previous participants